City Council/Mayor

Hartley City Council

City Council meets at 5:30 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Council Chambers located at City Hall at 11 S. Central Ave.  The public is always welcome.

City Attorney
Brandon Krikke (12/31/2024)

Assistant Attorney
Nathan Rockman (12/31/2024)

Roxann Swanson (12/31/2024)

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
Sheri Tewes (12/31/2024)

Superintendent of Public Works
 Tony Weatherman (12/31/2024)


Mayor & Council Members

The City of Hartley operates under the Mayor-Council Form of government with five (5) council members elected at large.

 Mayor  Term Expiring 12/31/2025
Rod Ahrenstorff  
 Mayor Pro-Tem  Term Expiring 12/31/2025
Mary Westphalen  
 Council Members Term Expiring 12/31/2027

Greg Cotter   

Matt Dolphin

 Council Members  Term Expiring 12/31/2025
 Ron Hengeveld 
 Nick Galm


2024 Committees & Representatives

 Cemetery  Electric  Finance
Westphalen  Westphalen  Dolphin
 Hengeveld  Hengeveld  Galm
 Fire/EMS/911  Gas  Housing
 Dolphin Dolphin  Westphalen
 Cotter  Cotter  Galm
 Insurance  Library  Personnel
 Cotter  Hengeveld  Cotter
 Hengeveld  Cotter  Galm
 Sewer  Sidewalk  Solid Waste
 Dolphin  Hengeveld  Westphalen
 Hengeveld  Cotter  Galm
 Storm Water  Street  Swimming Pool
Dolphin  Dolphin  Galm
Westphalen  Galm  Westphalen
 Telecom  Water  
Galm  Westphalen  
Hengeveld Cotter