Pleasant View Cemetery


The following are the rules and regulations for the care and management of the cemetery ground:

1.  Sale of Lots (Interment Rights).  Lots in the cemetery shall be purchased through the City Clerk’s Office. The price of each lot is two hundred dollars ($200.00).

2.  Perpetual Care Deposits.  The City shall set aside and deposit in the care fund an amount equal to or greater than fifty dollars ($50.00) or twenty (20%) percent of the gross selling price received for each sale of interment rights, whichever is more. All deposits and/or any contributions to the perpetual care cemetery fund cannot be withdrawn from the trust once deposited.

3.  Sale of Lots (Interment Rights) by Owners.  Persons purchasing lots in the cemetery shall have the grounds they purchase secure to them, their families and heirs as a burial place forever, and for admit, providing such admission is free of charge and without compensation.  Owners of lots cannot resell or transfer their lots to any other persons without the written consent of the Council. Such consent shall not be granted unless perpetual care endowment has been provided and paid on such lots.

4.  Grades.  The grade of all avenues, walks and lots shall be established by the Council and no lot shall be filled above the established grade.

5.  Payment Required.  No improvement will be allowed upon any lot or interment therein until the lot has been fully paid for and deed, therefore, obtained from the Clerk.

6.  Corner Markers.  All lots shall bear one corner mark with the number of the lot marked thereon, to be furnished and placed by the City.

7.  Monuments.  The owner of each lot shall have the right to erect any proper headstone, monument or memorial thereon, up to forty-eight (48) inches in height, subject to the approval of the Chairperson of the Cemetery Committee but no tree growing within said lot may be cut down, removed or destroyed without the consent of the Council, and then only under the supervision of the Sexton.

8.  Planting On Lots.  No trees, flowers or shrubs shall be planted on any lots except with the consent of the Chairperson of the Cemetery Committee and under the supervision of the Sexton.

9.  Foundations.  The foundations of all monuments or other superstructures shall be installed by the monument company under the direct control and supervision of the Sexton. The foundations shall be built of concrete mixed in a ratio of not less than one part cement to five parts aggregate. The foundation must not be less than eighteen (18) inches depth, extend a minimum of five (5) inches beyond all sides of the base of the Monument, and have a smooth trowelled surface.  The surface of the foundation shall be flush with the ground, and the outside edge shall be along the lot line.  The monument company shall notify the Clerk a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours before work is to be performed.

10.  Removal of Unused Materials.  Materials shall not be allowed to remain in the cemetery longer than is strictly necessary and refuse or unused materials must be removed as soon as the work is completed.  In case of neglect, such removal will be made by the Council at the expense of the lot owner and/or the contractor, who shall be severally responsible.

11.  Improvements Prohibited.  Curbing, hedges, fences, wooden trellises, and large vases or urns, enclosing or upon lots, are hereby prohibited.

12.  Trimming and Removal of Trees or Shrubs.  If any trees or shrubs situated upon any lot shall, by means of their roots, branches, or otherwise, become detrimental to the adjacent lots or avenues, or unsightly or inconvenience to passers-by, it shall be the duty of the Council to order that such trees or shrubs be trimmed or removed and make a reasonable charge to the lot owner for such service.

13.  Signs or Advertisements.  No sign or advertisement will be permitted upon or in the cemetery grounds.

14.  Graves.  All graves shall be opened and closed by the Sexton and shall be not less than six (6) feet in depth, and no mound shall be raised upon any grave exceeding six (6) inches above the natural surface of the lots, and whenever interments are to be made, at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice must be given to the Clerk.  No grave will be opened upon any lots, nor interment allowed therein, except upon written order or permission of the owner of said lot.

15.  Charges.  The charges for opening and closing graves for adults and children under ten (10) years of age shall be set by the motion of the Council and may be changed from time to time as may be deemed necessary and proper by the Council.

16.  Visitors.  Visitors will be allowed access to the cemetery grounds between 6:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. but they should keep on the avenues and walks provided and shall generally observe all of the rules and regulations now in force or which may be adopted by the Council.

17.  Interment and Disinterment.  All interments and disinterment shall be in strict compliance with the State laws and regulations and in no case shall the Sexton permit an interment without the presence of a properly executed burial permit.

18.  Care of Grave Plot.  No grave plot, hereby defined as a burial area four (4) feet in width by ten (10) feet in length, not permanently endowed shall be cared for by the Sexton unless the owner thereof shall make an annual payment to the Clerk of one dollar ($1.00) on or before the first of April in each year.

19.  Improper Use of Cemetery.  All improper persons and all those known to have wantonly violated any of these rules and regulations shall not be permitted to enter on the cemetery grounds.

20.  Driving In Cemetery.  No rapid driving will be allowed, nor will any driving be allowed on the grounds, outside of the grounds, outside of the surfaced streets and avenues by wagons, automobiles or other vehicles.

21.  Burial Vaults.  All interments in the Pleasant View Cemetery shall be accomplished by the placement of a vault made of concrete, metal or other suitable material approved by the Sexton, except in the case of infant interments, which maybe approve without vaults, at the discretion of the Sexton.

22.  Cremations.  Cremations may be interred without a vault provided sufficient measures are taken to assure no movement of the remains to groundwater sources and to assure no subsidence of the ground covering the remains.

23.  Decorations.  The cemetery will allow one singular decoration outside of the monument foundation (including plastic or silk flowers, balloons, pinwheels, flower receptacles, vases, statues, or other decorations). Glass, food, bottles or cans of any kind are not permitted in the cemetery. In the event the cemetery removes any item or decoration in the cemetery, such item or decoration shall be deemed abandoned and the cemetery shall have the right to dispose of such items in any manner it deems appropriate and shall not be liable in any respect for the removal or disposal of such items or decorations.

24.  Liability.  The city will not be responsible for memorials, plants, and decorations from damages, theft or disappearance.