City Wide Clean-Up Day begins Monday April 24th

City Wide Clean-Up Day will begin Monday, April 24th.

Please see the Clean up Day Rules and instructions below to make the Clean up Day go smoothly. Thank you for your cooperation!


NOTICE: Once trucks have picked up the refuse on your block they will not return to pick up more. Construction and demolition material will require the use of a dumpster.  Regular weekly collection will occur at the same time as any additional refuse.

 • The city will pick up refuse from Hartley residential customers ONLY (NOT commercial customers) with the exception of the following items: car bodies, insecticides, caustic acids, dead animals, paunch manure, septic waste, weed killer, waste oil, paint thinner, anything toxic or cans containing paint.
 • The city will pick up an equivalent of a 2-yard dumpster FREE of charge per residence. Any additional trash will be charged on a pro-rated basis.
 • Mattresses and furniture will be picked up.
 • Put leaves, brush and trash in 3 separate piles. Trash is to be boxed/bagged. 

You will be billed for the items the city picks up: 
 • Car and pickup tires $7.00; truck tires $14.00; tractor tires $30.00; large tractor tires $40.00; tires with rims are an additional $25.00.
 • Appliance & electronic disposal $15.00 per piece.
 • Computer printers $5.00, computer towers $10.00, computer monitors $15.00; large copiers $35.00; small TV’s (23” or smaller) $15.00 & large TV’s (24 “and larger) $20.00.

All refuse will be picked up on your regular garbage route pick up site.


 • Trailers will be located at the city maintenance building on 2nd Street SW from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
 • Hartley residential customers can dispose of Household Hazardous Materials.
 • Customer will be charged $1.00 per gallon for Latex paint.
 • Commercial customers must make arrangements with Northwest Iowa Area Solid Waste Agency for disposal of hazardous materials. 
Contact City of Hartley if you have questions at 928-2240