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 Welcome to Hartley, Iowa!

Hartley is a small community with an entertaining atmosphere that attracts young people and families to visit and stay. Hartley builds on its traditional agricultural strengths in diverse and innovative ways.  Hartley supports and attracts a range of new and diverse technology based businesses, with an economy that is supported by a variety of recreational activities and events.

Much of Hartley's local development has occured in Hartley's Industrial Park as well as new home development on the east side. Work from the Hartley Economic Development Committee is helping to ensure more development in Hartley. With the addition of Valero's Ethanol Plant, we hope that more businesses and families will be attracted to the area.












Flooding Disaster Proclamation

Gov. Kim Reynolds issued a disaster proclamation in response to flooding and severe weather beginning March 13th for O’Brien County. This has made available the Iowa Individual Disaster Assistance Grant Program which is income based.

 The application is attached here.


Subject: Flood Damage Reporting Information - O'Brien County EMA

Good Afternoon,


The weather that is occurring throughout O’Brien County is causing flash flooding..  Right now, the O’Brien County Emergency Management Agency is collecting storm damage reports from the public.  ‘If you are able share the following information on your website, that would be great.’


If your property (home, buildings, vehicles, etc.) were damaged due to flash flooding. There are a few options for reporting storm damages. 


-       You may call your local city office to report damage data.

-       You may call the O’Brien County EMA office at 712-757-4305

o   Please include: Name, Address, Phone Number, Damage Description

-       You may enter your damage information into the following link.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thank you,


Jared Johnson

O’Brien County Emergency Management

O’Brien County 911

Office #: (712) 757-4305

Cell #: (712) 541-2547








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O'Brien County emergency alerts.

Get notifications about bad weather, school closings, etc.

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HEDC Offers Incentive Business Grant
HEDC offers business grant to potential entrepreneurs
to locate a business in downtown.

Need a place to stay while visiting Hartley? 

Check here.

City of Hartley offers financial assistance
for sidewalk replacement


Hartley Downtown Assessment

Public Presentation April 19, 2018

The Downtown Resource Center will submit
a final report by June.

(Formed August 8, 2016)

Jackie Stoltz, Kelsie Boyer, Wes Boyer, Pam Mohni
Cheryl Bethke, Ashley Daggett, Crystal Dolphin, Jessika Storm
Carlos Francisco Gallard, Joyce Tewes, Chris Wilson, Rachel Wilson
Brittany Dolphin, Kristina Bush, Erica Schierholtz

“A Land Beyond Expectations!”

We're proud of our region – Northwest Iowa. 
Please enjoy the video!

City Downtown Planning Meeting Results
We ask for your comments about Hartley’s downtown.

To do that email
Click here for the SWOT Analysis.



Hartley Recycle Day
Date: March 28, 2019
Hartley American Legion Fish Fry
Location: American Legion Building
Date: March 29, 2019  (5:00pm - 7:30pm)
H-M-S Community School District Overview Meeting
Location: H-M-S High School
Date: March 25, 2019  (Starts at: 6:00pm)
O'Brien County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Location: O'Brien County Courthouse
Date: March 26, 2019  (Starts at: 9:00am)
H-M-S PIE Dodgeball Tournament
Location: H-M-S High School
Date: March 29, 2019  (Starts at: 5:30pm)
City of Hartley
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