About Our Utilities

The reason Hartley Municipal Utilities exists is the fact that the people wanted local control of their utilities, providing low rates and keeping revenues in the community. The city of Hartley owns and operates their own electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and telecommunications systems.

Electric System

The Electric utility purchases its electricity from Western Area Power Association (WAPA) and Missouri River Energy Services (MRES). The distribution system has seen several upgrades in recent years.

Planting near transformers? Follow this diagram:

Transformer Planting Diagram (PDF)

Energy efficiency rebates are available for Commercial and Industrial customers at www.brightenergysolutions.com.

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Gas System

 (Natural Gas Safety Measures)

The Natural Gas Utility purchases its gas from Clayton Energy Corporation. It also has its own distribution system with 8 and 60 psi mainline pressures.

Water System

2018 Water Quality Report

The City of Hartley supplies water from natural wells with an elevated storage capacity of 400,000 gallons with 100,000 gallons ground storage. In 2010, a new $3.1 million Reverse Osmosis water treatment facility began delivering high-quality water to our customers.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

The City of Hartley constructed an innovative and technically efficient reverse osmosis water treatment facility in 2010 to bring the best water quality it could to the citizens of Hartley.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility
Treating the Water

Wastewater System

The wastewater system consists of two oxidation ditches and aerobic digester. It was constructed in 1987, and a $2 million upgrade was completed in 2005.   


The Community Agency (TCA) is a joint venture between the communities of Hartley, Primghar, Paullina, and Sanborn.  TCA provides municipally owned, state-of-the-art telecommunications service including cable television, high-speed internet, and telephone service. Click to view The Community Agency Website.https://hartleyiowa.communityintegrator.com/utilites/electric-rate-scheduleElectric Rate ScheduleElectric Rate Schedule /utilites/electric-rate-schedule