New Garbage Collection Newsletter

January 20, 2020

Changes to solid waste collection:

Effective February 1, 2020 residential and commercial trash and recycling for the City of Hartley will be collected exclusively by Brommer Sanitation. There will be a transition period where you will likely notice no change to your collection since the same trucks will be utilized by the same employees on the same days. Plans are to have a new automated collection system set up by early spring. This process will include pick up of residential and some commercial customers by an automated truck that utilizes a hydraulic arm to dump containers. The 65 gallon rolling tote containers will be purchased and distributed by the City of Hartley and remain property of the City of Hartley. Each resident will be supplied with one trash and one recycling container with additional containers available for an additional monthly collection fee. The trash and recycling containers will be labeled and colored according to whether they are trash or recycling. Each container will have its own serial number that will be married to the address it serves. Your current 32 gallon trash and 20 gallon yellow S&H recycling containers will not be dumped once the new automated system is in full effect.

Trash and recycling pickup will remain on the same schedule that is currently used unless notified otherwise.

The City and Brommer Sanitation are working diligently to ensure that all residential and commercial customers collection needs are met to a high standard.

Contact information for Brommer Sanitation: (712)722-0631 or