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Thinking about relocating to Hartley or just looking for more information? Here are some FAQ about Hartley.

Where is Hartley located?

Q: What is the population of Hartley? O'Brien County? State of Iowa? 
A: Hartley- 1,672 (as of 2010) O'Brien County- 14,398 (as of 2010) Iowa- 3,046,355 (as of 2010) 
Q: What is the closest airport?
A: The closet airport is the Northwest Iowa Municipal Airport. It is located in Spencer, just 20 miles to the east. 
Q: What is the weather like in Hartley? 
A: Average temperature in summer months is 71 degrees Fahrenheit, and 18 degrees Fahrenheit in winter months. Annual precipitation average is 27 inches.
Q: Where is Hartley located in relationship to other towns?
A: Hartley is located in the northwest corner of Iowa, 20 miles west of Spencer on U.S. Highway 18 and 20 miles east of Sheldon on U.S. Highway 18.
Q: What is the property tax in Hartley? 
A: Total Tax Rate per $1000 Assessed Value is $36.33472 per 1,000 taxable valuation. For more tax information for the county please see O'Brien County Website  
Q: Where can I find more information about Hartley?
A: To see more statistics about Hartley, go to or Wikipedia-Hartley.